“The true science of Martial Arts means practicing them in a way that they will be useful at any time, and to teach them in a way that they will be useful in all things” ~ Miyamoto Musashi

Haidong Gumdo practice (January 2009)

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Thank you for visiting this site dedicated to Musa Stress Management. Our mental and physical health are paramount to keep leading independent, active, and gratifying lives for ourselves and our loved ones. However, stress has a huge impact on our health, both physically and mentally. Stress can be caused by many factors such as work, social situations, interpersonal relationships, or unfinished business from our past. 

According to the American Medical Association, stress is the number one killer in the world and a root cause for no less than a staggering 60% of all human illness and disease! However, stress management gets very little attention. Negative thoughts literally make us sick. A few simple changes to your lifestyle can improve your life dramatically. It is impossible to get rid of all stress in our lives, it is also not realistic to avoid all stress. Besides, we need a certain level of stress, not too much and not too long though. The right levels and periods of stress are actually good for us; it helps us to perform better, keeps us focused, and is good for our health. Athletes, business people, politicians, and other celebrities all know it, as do we, we simply forget about it when we shouldn’t. We need to find balance.

Martial Arts provide us with the practical tools to manage our stress at a healthy level and use the energy we obtain from stress in our advantage. The mind expresses oneself through the body and vice versa. We take our mental and physical health for granted, but how often do we actively take care of our mind and body?

Exercising in general helps to prevent a sedentary lifestyle, can slow down the effects of aging, will improve your overall health and mood, and increases your productivity. In addition to this, Martial Arts are an effective way to train the mind and the body at the same time while learning very useful skills such as mindfulness, deep breathing, meditation, physical & mental training, and self-defense. Practicing Martial Arts will make you more disciplined, focused, and balanced. Losing some extra pounds on the way and feeling happier are nice perks!

The psychological and physical benefits of practicing martial arts have been researched and proven in terms of physical aspects such as increased flexibility, balance, strength, endurance, bone density, oxygen levels, neurogenesis, well-being, and vitality as well as mental aspects such as discipline, focus, respect, grit, confidence, and self-esteem. All of this has a very positive influence on our stress levels, mood, energy, and helps us to age gracefully. By working with our body, we can control our mind! You don’t need to be young or athletic, anyone can practice Martial Arts at their own level. Proper Martial Arts training is a great way for healthy aging!

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I wish you lots of health, happiness, and harmony!

Dr. Leo Chung


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