Leo in Mexico Meditating on the Temple of the Moon

Meditating on the Temple of the Moon at Teotihuacan in Mexico (August 2013)

Counseling is all about mutual trust and honesty. Hence, confidentiality and privacy are 100% guaranteed. As a former intelligence officer, I know how to work with confidential information.

Individual, couple, and group counseling sessions are offered exclusively via Skype sessions to maximize cost-effectiveness and minimize time spent. After a take-in session, a client driven tailor-made program will be designed for you. My clients are mostly expats or expat spouses who struggle with issues related to stress, anger, relationships, depression, or PTSD.

During the counseling sessions, we will mainly use traditional psychotherapy and you will learn some practical physical exercises; through the body we can influence the mind (and vice versa).

Different bodies, minds, and situations all require different techniques and timings, there is no one-size-fits-all panacea for stress management. Hence, you will learn, and practice with, a wide variety of techniques and methods so you can discover and develop your own personal stress management toolbox.

We will use my STEAM methodology for long-lasting results:

  • Sleep; stress hampers the natural sleeping rhythm, but with some simple tweaks in our lives this can be countered
  • Talk; reflective feedback will help to address the root causes of your stress, and how to manage it
  • Eat; a balanced diet is essential for good physical and mental health since our metabolism and our stress levels are intricately connected via biochemistry
  • Act; easy and light exercises to influence your mood and clear your mind
  • Meditate; several practical meditation techniques for different settings (e.g. office, commuting, meetings, etc)