Haidong Gumdo practice (July 2014)

Everyday, we are subjected to a lot of stress and expectations. Not only from our work, but also from our family, friends, and mostly from ourselves. Corporate training is offered as a full day Musa Stress Management (MSM) workshop. Shorter (2 to 4 hour) workshops are also offered, but these are more suitable as team building activities.

Musa, the Korean word for warrior, represents strength, wisdom, and leadership. The different holistic training elements are challenging and fun, and are very suitable as a team building activity or for personal development. A minimum number of eight participants is required.

Martial Artists aim to develop oneself by strengthening the mind and spirit through the body. You will learn the guiding principles and a few basic techniques from three Korean Martial Arts (Taekwondo, Hapkido, and Haidong Gumdo) which you directly can apply to your daily life and work.

The ultimate goal of Martial Arts is not to defeat an opponent, but to defeat your old self and become what you truly are meant to be. This is not a mystical oriental idea, also the Greek philosopher Plato wrote (dialogue with Laches) on the positive influences of the practice of Martial Arts for the development of a strong and just character. Or as the Romans said; a healthy mind in a healthy body (mens sana in corpore sano)!


Are you stressed? Do you feel stuck? Are you unproductive? Do you want to learn practical and proven stress management skills? Do you want to improve your health? Do you want more energy in your work and life? Does your team have harmony issues? This workshop is for everyone who wants to learn more about:

  • causes and symptoms of stress
  • managing your stress levels in a realistic and practical way
  • becoming and staying healthy in mind and body
  • make your stress work for you instead of against you
  • mindful breathing and active meditation
  • the body/mind connection
  • improving team harmony


MSM will teach you various basic Martial Arts based mindful breathing and active meditation techniques to help you to improve your self-control, self-confidence, focus, active relaxation, and give you more understanding of the body/mind connection.


During this workshop, you will learn about the basic principles of Martial Arts and their parallels with professional and personal situations. You will learn various practical and easy breathing techniques that can help you to actively relax in stressful situations. You will learn to control your emotions through your body (and not the other way around!) to be a better professional and a more energetic individual.


The workshop consists of different academic, mental, and physical elements, the total training takes about six hours. You will learn about the philosophical background and principles of the traditional Martial Arts such as the body/mind connection, understanding energy and working with energy, and the connection between breathing and your mental state. Parallels between modern life and those principles will be explained in an interactive way with time to share some personal stories.

You will learn many different breathing exercises which offer great physical and mental benefits, proper breathing is one of the most important things you can do for your health!

The various active meditation exercises will strengthen both your body and your mind, builds self-confidence, focus, perseverance, and is fantastic for your overall mental and physical health.